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Pandava Sena

Sunday, May 1st, 2022

Pandava Sena are the youth group of the Bhaktivedanta Manor. Their aim is to make spirituality more relevant and interesting for the youth, so they can live a life less ordinary. Pandava Sena aims to provide young people the unique opportunity to become the best that they can be, on a spiritual and material level. They connect like-minded souls to the timeless philosophy of the Vedas, so that young people can grow and thrive in the ever-changing and somewhat chaotic 21st century world we live in.

You can meet the Pandava Sena every Sunday at Bhaktivedanta Manor, between 5pm-7:30pm with an interactive event, including talks & games. To find out more, please contact Shyamali (07902 639656) or Gopinath (07716 455116)

“Good association can help make any service incredible”

Raam Gor, 18, is the current President of ISKCON Pandava Sena.

He had been attending Pandava Sena events since he was a child, but he began getting involved with active service from the age of 12, helping to set up outreach projects for the under 15s.

“The aim of the PSena is to instigate a spiritual revolution in society, ” Raam explained. “It aims to pitch spiritual life in an unconventional and dynamic way for young people, helping make our lives less ‘ordinary’”.

“The people that you get to spend time with and serve with is what motivates me the most. Good association can help make any service incredible, even for someone as lazy as me! A lot of my enthusiasm actually comes from the energy of others.”

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Uncommon Sense (11-13 year-olds)

Uncommon Sense is a dynamic event held on a fortnightly basis for students aged 11-13 at Avanti House Secondary School. The events consist of thought-provoking discussions on topics such as reincarnation, vegetarianism and karma with like-minded people and events aren’t complete without a rocking Kirtan (spiritual meditation) and sumptuous prasadam (sanctified food). The skills that you develop throughout these sessions and the friendships that you make will keep your enthusiastic and prepared for every challenge life can throw at you.

To find out more please contact Raaj Raniga on 07815 696 634 or

Sena Nights Live (14-16 year-olds)

SNL is a fortnightly house programme aimed at encouraging and deepening young peoples’ knowledge and practice of spirituality and really broadening their mental horizons. The sessions are aimed towards students aged 14 to 16 and incorporate interactive discussions, mesmerising Kirtans (spiritual meditation) and delicious food. The friendships you make through these events last a lifetime and the thought provoking topics will encourage and inspire you to think outside the box to really live an enlivened fulfilled lifestyle.

Project X (16-18 year-olds)

This is the place to be on a Friday night. This fortnightly event ensures that you start your weekend on a spiritual high. The karma-free food is always on point and the philosophical discussion based on ancient yet practical Vedic wisdom gets everyone all deep and introspective. We conclude with musical mantra mediation — it’s a real feast for the soul. And at the end, we leave ready to take on the world with a fresher, more spiritual outlook on life. 

Krishna Consciousness Societies

KCSOC is an award-winning society established in over 30 universities across the UK with some new societies forming across Europe. It consists of weekly meet-ups at your university, lead by monks, ex-monks and working professionals giving talks on spirituality, meditation and life. The best part? Yummy free food, spiritual retreats throughout the year, new friends and a whole new outlook on life.

Visit the Website

Visit for more information, news, retreats, and how to take part.

Open Day – Manor Primary School & Preschool

Friday, January 17th, 2014

Joins us on Thursday 6th February 4pm to 7pm for tours of the school, a chance to speak to the teachers and Headteacher, an opportunity to see the some of the topics and work the children have been involved with and an opportunity to ask questions.

All parents is welcome whether your child is ready for school, already attending school or you are just curious.

Bhaktivedanta Manor primary School

Bhaktivedanta Manor School respects every child as an individual and aims to develop their full academic, spiritual and moral potential. With the benefit of a teacher:pupil ratio of 1:10, the children get lots of attention and the chance to explore their individual talents.

The small class sizes make for a strong academic foundation built on a blend of traditional and modern methods with a range of stimulating activities. Priority is given to reading and writing, music, group singing and performing arts.

The Manor grounds, gardens and farm provide the perfect learning environment for the children. they enjoy a balanced mix of yoga, games, swimming, dance and movement, all of which help develop their health and interpersonal skills to promote selfconfidence and teamwork.

A love of learning is encouraged in a caring atmosphere that helps build the children’s self-esteem, so they can grow as confident and positive individuals of good character, behaviour and competence. they are taught to reflect on their experiences and become aware of themselves, their relationships with others and the world around them, with respect and understanding toward all religions.

For more details visit


The Manor Pre-school has its own premises, bright, airy and welcoming, amid the Manor gardens. The teaching team, who are committed to training and updating their skills and knowledge, support the children in all aspects of their development. The pre-school manager has a sound knowledge of health and safety issues including child protection and behaviour management.

For more details visit

London Bhaktivedanta Academy for Cultural Education

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


On 29th December 2012, HH Bhakti RasamritaSwami was special guest to the first London BACE, Bhaktivedanta Academy for Cultural Education, a house where full-time students can cultivate Krishnaconsciousness whilst meeting the rigours of university life.

The idea came from the brahmacaris Ananda Caitanya das, Jankinath das and Ghanashyam Priyadas, who all saw the success such student houses are having in Mumbai, India, and wanted to replicate it here. They regularly visit the place, located in the heart of Camden Town, to inspire the boys in Krishnaconsciousness, giving classes as well as one-to-one time to the residents.


photo online


The nine boys have five floors to enjoy, including a view of the London skyline from the roof, fibre opticinternet for their study, and their very own Gaura-Nitaideities which they worship daily. Shiv Dattani, a resident and employee at KPMG, said “One of the best things about the house is we can all chant ourjapa early together before we go out for the day and when we come back we have a home-cooked meal waiting for us, lovingly prepared by a devotee fromISKCON-London!”

On the day of Bhakti Rasamrita Swami’s visit, hespoke about the importance of cultivating good character as devotees in society, behaving like gentlemen, and acting with responsibility, especially given their new-found freedom in living independently from their parents. He subsequently named the house “Govardhan”, after the worshipable hill near Vrindavana, India, telling the boys to become rock-solid in spiritually and their studies simultaneously.

Next year, the plan is to open more of these student houses around London, with many places available for young working professionals and university students.

2011-2012 Highlights

Friday, August 17th, 2012
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Bhaktivedanta Manor Free School

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Last February Bhaktivedanta Manor School submitted an application for a free school to be opened nearby the Manor which will be open to all students from within the community and the greater community. The school will join the I-Foundation family of schools (Krishna Avanti) and would open in September 2013. We have now been invited to interview which is the next stage of the process to determine whether or not we are successful.

If you have a child who is or will be turning 5 in the academic year 2013-2014 and would like further information please contact:
Padma dasi
01923851000 ext 241

“Will you be a winner?”

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

Over 100 Students attended the “2012: Will you be a winner?” University Retreat on a bright and sunny February day!

The KC Soc group comprises over 20 Universities and top schools across the country – and are growing!!

At the ‘2012’ Olympic styled Retreat in February, students from as far as Plymouth, Southampton, Coventry, Aston, Birmingham, DMU, Cambridge, Leicester, Portsmouth and the more local UCL, City, QMUL, Brunel, Kings, SOAS, WBGS, QE Boys, to name but a few, all managed to beat morning blues with the view to ‘be a winner in 2012!

The action packed day included <in order!>, an introduction to the beautiful Deities that reside at Bhaktivedanta Manor, ‘Power Yoga’, multimedia presentation on the Honourable Warrior (A insight into Bhagavad Gita!), ‘Mooooooo’ – milking and feeding cows! Veggie Steady Cook had all students competitively flip pancakes and create unique filling.

After a yummy lunch there was an action packed and energy fuelled workshop: ‘Mind Games 2012’ which included challenging fun team based activity out on the Lawn! The final Mantra session had everyone on their feet dancing the evening away, voted the BEST activity by over 95% of students!

People from all backgrounds and walks of life come to KC Socs to learn about the Vedic philosophy and culture of ancient India. The sessions prove to be exciting and inspiring for everyone that comes along.

Presidents of the societies are considered to be true ‘Spiritual Warriors’ and leaders-in-training.  Not only do they juggle their studies, exams, part-time work, family and social obligations, but they all make time to organise weekly sessions, special events, festivals and retreats as well. We would like to take the opportunity to thank every single one of them for their tireless and dynamic efforts in the last term and we look forward to working with them in the next one.  Thank you to all those involved!

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